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Destigmatizing Psychiatric Meds Literally Saves Lives

Bipolar disorder is our legacy. Not a great one, but a legacy just the same. Medications keep me alive. Destigmatizing psychiatric meds saves lives!

We receive mixed cultural messages about antidepressants and pregnancy. (Image: Thinkstock)

Should You Take Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy?

When my husband and I began trying to conceive, I was anxious about how my antidepressant medication would affect a pregnancy, especially after reading terrifying pseudo-scientific articles and judgmental, paranoid commentary lurking in The Seventh Circle of Hell known as mommy boards.

image created by Jenni Berrett.

My Psychiatrist Wears Fuchsia And Makes Me Cry: A Call For Med Compliance

The thing about things like word-finding and exhaustion and sexual dysfunction and dry-mouth and nausea and the other things that come with the psych meds that save our lives is that they don’t seem like an issue — until they’re an issue.