Megyn Kelly

Fat people need Megyn Kelly and Maria Kang to STFU.

What Megyn Kelly And Maria Kang Think About Fat Shaming Doesn’t Matter

Megyn Kelly and her guest, Maria Kang, bragged about how having their loved ones fat shame them has been part of their fitness and nutrition routines.

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No Feminist I Know Is Cheering For Tomi Lahren

So in case you didn’t hear, everyone’s favorite conservative sweetheart Tomi Lahren was permanently banned from The Blaze after her appearance on The View on March 17th, 2017.

[W]hen Donald Trump talks about women to other men, he only considers the feelings of the men he’s talking to, not the feelings of the women he’s talking about. Image: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.

How Trump Sold Us His Brand of Misogyny

So, Mr. Trump, if you truly believe you’ll be “phenomenal to the women,” then when do you plan to start?


Quote of the Day: Fox News' Megyn Kelley Slams Cheney: "You Got it Wrong" on Iraq

While we can't help but salivate at Republicans (at least temporarily) devouring their own, we'd vastly prefer a solution to finger-pointing.