men's role in feminism

Am I A Feminist? I'll Let You Decide

I firmly believe it is for women to define feminism—and that includes deciding what place men should or do have in the movement. Read...
Ally Fogg    |   01.2.15   |   SHARE

Men's Role In Feminism Is Both Complex And Simple

I feel that male allies are important to our movement. Read...
Meghan Murphy    |   12.31.14   |   SHARE

To Suggest That Men Shouldn't Be Feminists Undermines The Point Of Feminism

This isn't about us, but that doesn't mean it isn't our fight. Read...
Billy Procida    |   12.31.14   |   SHARE

"I Never Stand Too Close": A Trans Man's Feminism

For me, day-to-day feminism in action is creating safer spaces for women—the ones I know and especially the ones I do not. Read...
Damian Ray    |   12.23.14   |   SHARE

I'm The Son Of A Famous Second-Wave Feminist—And Want The Men Of Tomorrow To Be Different

Good people of all sexes should be motivated to end gender inequality because patriarchal rules limit everyone's ability to be their whole selves. Read...
Ariel Chesler    |   12.5.14   |   SHARE