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Why Millennials Are Choosing To Be Child-Free

One reason? Simply put, many Millennials can’t afford to be parents.


Signs You Might Be An Entitled Millennial Who's Ruining Everything

Basically, if you took a map of the world and put red pushpins wherever something terrible was happening, you’d find a millennial directly in the center, snapchatting.

This is hardly bad news for love. And love is definitely not something to give up on. Image: WeHeartIt.

3 Ways Millennials Have Made Marriage BETTER (Yes, Really)

Today, a new generation is both suffering and benefiting from the trend towards later marriage. Suffering because it's difficult to be alone, but benefiting by avoiding the painful experience of marital failure and divorce. It's difficult to go from relationship to relationship and never feel like you're going to truly fall in love. But marrying later in life means that we have more time to discover ourselves through the self-knowledge that comes with each passing year.


Weeklong Millennial Event Defies Generation's Haters

A week of Instagram-able moments centers around the booming network of the millennial population.


Deconstructing Relationships and Love: What Will Be the Millennial Legacy?

As the children of The Divorced, perhaps we've witnessed too many firsthand crumbled couplings to blithely take on our own.


GOP, If You Want The Millennial Vote, this Is Not The Way to Get it

Hey GOP, you can't capture millennial votes with silly stereotypes. You'll have to be more creative than that.