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The Cosby Rape Case Took 35 Women To Drown Out One Man's Lies

"The thing about trauma is that it is hard to remember many of the details, even though some of them remain eternally etched in your memory. I will never forget the pattern of my friend's curtains that I stared at all night long, willing the sun to rise so I could go home, and I will also never forget staring at the white liquid in my underwear and then standing in the shower, trying to burn away my skin, until the water became icy cold."


Let's Not Be Friends: On Female Friendship

Sure, "friends forever" sounds nice. In theory. But sometimes it's better that two people just not be friends.

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Surprise! Coverage Of Apple Watch Is Blatantly Sexist

Despite the fact that women make up the majority of smartphone users, the new "iWatch" is being openly targeted toward men.


A Non-Fashionista's Lament: Why the "Normcore" Trend is Kinda Insulting

Dear fashionable people of the world: please leave sneakers and stonewashed jeans to the humble style slackers.