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Why Did It Take Two Violent Videos For Ray Rice To Get Suspended From The NFL?

Do we really need to see fists meeting faces to give a shit about domestic violence? Read...
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Roger Goodell tells it like it is. Courtesy of Wikimedia

Victory! NFL Implements Harsher Penalties For Domestic Violence

Stricter penalties for domestic violence offenses have been implemented . . . just in time for 49er Ray McDonald's alleged attack against his wife. Read...
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NFL Suspends Running Back for Two Games After Knocking Fiance Out Cold, Calls It Justice

Baltimore Raven Ray Rice beat his fiance unconscious, but pleaded for a first time offender program. Cue victim blaming and outrage. Read...
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Patent Office Slams Washington Redskins' Blatant Racism . . . Finally

The Washington Redskins has been offensive and "disparaging" for about 80 years now. Finally the Patent Office is doing something about it. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Terry Crew Says NFL "Is Really Like a Cult"

How many men can we offer up on this altar for our amusement, sports drink endorsements and cold hard cash? Read...
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Watch: Newt Gingrich Accidentally Compliments the LGBTQ Movement

Gingrich is scared of the LGBTQ community . . . which means it must be doing something right. Read...
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Quote of the Day: Calling Foul on Don Jones' Homophobic "OMG...Horrible" Tweet

The Miami Dolphins' Don Jones has slammed Michael Sam, the NFL's first openly gay player. The good news? Gay rights is still winning. Read...
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First Openly Gay NFL Prospect Tackles (HA!) Homophobia in America

Considering how many people have come out of the closet in recent years, it’d be easy to shrug at the recent news that University of Missouri Read...
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