Overall, women don’t want to be 22 again.

Men May Prefer Younger Women, But Women Don’t Give A Sh*t

When men’s dating preferences were observed, the age of women they expressed interest in never (never!) deviated from the early 20s.

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OKCupid Dating For Dummies

You can do it. I believe in you.


I Responded To OkCupid Suitors With Nothing But Video Game Quotes—This Is What Happened Next 

Here's what goes down when you invite boys to the yard of GLaDOS, the artificial intelligence computer of the Portal video games.

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Et Tu Brute? OkCupid Excitedly Reveals How It, Too, Has Experimented On Its Users

Stop, in the name of love! The divorce rate is 50% in this country, OKCupid. We really don't need your weird lies.


OKCupid Shuns Anti-LGBTQ CEO of Firefox

Let's hear it for OKCupid—for educating their members and standing their ground!