We constantly are told it’s not that bad, even though all we have to do is scroll through Facebook to watch the numbers of homeless LGBTQ youth and trans deaths increase.

"Do I Pass?": Navigating Perfomances Of Genderfluid Identity

I always felt the reason I came out as genderqueer was so that I could finally feel like my body belonged to me — not some stranger.

But no, my body still belongs to society. My body still has to meet standards of people I don’t even know just so I can avoid being beaten or kicked out of the bathroom.

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The Incidental Activism Of My Going Outside

I enjoy the thought that I make other trans people, some of whom are in the closet or passing for cis, feel less alone when I take the train or talk with my normal voice.


I Got It Wrong On Purpose: A Trans Woman On "Passing"

I am a woman in a world meticulously manicured to only allow certain women to occupy womanhood.