My vision for my life is very different from the one the culture has for me

Take The Cake: A Fat Girl’s Guide To Intelligently Divesting From Patriarchy

You were taught not to invest in yourself. You were taught to invest in the culture, which is bolstered by patriarchy, racism, etc..

Image: Virgie Tovar

Take The Cake: How Patriarchy Is A LOT Like Chuck E. Cheese

One of my favorite ways to help people conceptualize patriarchy is by asking them to imagine a Chuck E. Cheese.

The patriarchy has devalued nearly everything associated with femininity and over-valued nearly everything associated with masculinity.

Why We Fear The Feminine… And How To Stop

I have a confession: Until recently, I didn’t even know what “patriarchal society” meant. Yeah, I’m one of those feminists who grew up believing I didn’t need feminism.