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The liberation of Black Americans from physical chains is deeply intertwined with the modern chains of today.

The Importance Of Teaching My Son About Juneteenth In Trump's America

By educating my son on Juneteenth, I am able to make it clear to him that we may live in a nation that wasn’t established with us in mind, but we Read...
Ambreia Meadows-Fernandez    |   06.19.17   |   SHARE
These stereotypes have not only been used in the past to perpetuate violence against Men of Color. They’re ever-present factors in how Black and Brown men navigate the world. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Racist Stereotypes White Patriarchy Invented To 'Protect' White Womanhood

Men of Color, especially Black men, have historically been coded as animalistic abusers and r*pists when it comes to white women. This stems from the Read...
If you can commit to following the points in this guide, and to share and re-share this guide, you will be contributing to changing a culture that is indebted in the oppression of Black individuals.

Your Guide On How To Support Black People After Incidents Of Police Violence

This piece is for you, my non-Black friends, my non-Black family members, my non-Black activists, my non-Black educators, and my non-Black partner. Read...
Alan Pelaez Lopez of Everyday Feminism    |   07.22.16   |   SHARE

"Black Women's Lives Matter": A Chant Less Often Heard

Black women are insisting that our stories, too, become part of the national conversation around policing and safety. Read...
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When The Marginalized Are Safe, We're All Safer

Though the very foundation of American policing is rotten with colonialism and anti-Black racism, there are remedies that we can fight for today. Read...
Verónica Bayetti Flores    |   02.10.15   |   SHARE

If Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Must Matter Too

The trans community knows that police violence against us is a deadly serious issue. The problem is that nobody else knows that. Read...
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Why Aren't We More Outraged When Police Kill Women Of Color?

The names and stories of women killed by police rarely stick in the public consciousness. Read...
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Police Violence: As Real As Real Can Be

While other kids heard fairy tales and nursery rhymes, I heard stories about racially-motivated police violence. Read...