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Poll: When Do You Give Up On A Book?

To paraphrase those who are in the business of writing about books: Life is too short to read anything you do not enjoy. Read...
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Dr. Rachel Levine (Credit: Pennsylvania State University)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Transgender Woman To Become Pennsylvania's Physician General

Also this week: Meet the woman hoping to usurp Netanyahu in Israel. And guess who Hillary is killing in the polls. Read...
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How Would You React to a Daughter in Porn?

Surprise: Most parents aren't keen on little Sally growing up to become a porn superstar. Will this stigma ever change? Read...
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This Week in Hillary-World: a Shoe-Spiracy, Hard Choices and a (Grand)Baby on the Way

Will we soon have our first grandma prez? Plus other big news from the week in Hills. Read...
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