Material World: 62% of Americans Think About Money More Than Sex (Clitorises Cry Everywhere)

Mo’ money mo’ problems ... but no money mo’ problems too.

At least, when it comes to sex. Harris Poll conducted a recent – you guessed it – poll to see how income affects sex. The results are … shall we say not sexy?  

Apparently, 62% of American adults actually think about money more than sex! Okay, it makes sense – with an unemployment rate of 6.6% and many Americans still reeling from foreclosed mortgages, bottomed-out investments, and banks generally sh*tting the bed, blood is running high.

But the weird part is, even people who earn a ton of money are stressing as much as those who make nothing.

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26% of households that make over $100,000 a year suffer from wack libidos due to money stress. Ouch. (Better stick with just one sailboat and pray for sexier days ahead.) But 26% of households who earn between $50,000 and $74,900 also claim to suffer from low sex drive due to financial stress.

Okay, but maybe this is just married people right? Not a chance. Actually, 35% of unmarried folks also suffer from dick desire decline because of money stresses. And no. Crazy collegiate kids aren’t exempt either. Almost half (48%) also suffer from this same money-ruined-my-sex-life disease. Just remember that next time you pass a frat house chock full of tan coeds and envy your former (seemingly) carefree life.

It’s making us super sad that financial stress can ruin the awesome-st gift from Mother Nature (she had to make up for that other monthly one somehow!), but it turns out that stress basically ruins everything else too. It’s estimated that between 75% and 90% of all trips to the doctor’s office are for stress-related problems – high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety, you name it! Ironically, sex relieves stress and has even been known to reduce everything from heart disease to colds. And actually it's not about the big O – sometimes just the physical connection helps.

Moral of the story: try to worry about money less and try to bang more.


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