Quail Bell magazine

Illustration by Ajah Courts (cargocollective.com/ajahcourts)

Of Merkins And Victorian Prostitution: A Strange And Sordid History Lesson

It turns out that sores and other visible symptoms of STDs were not only unhealthy, but also bad for business. That’s where the merkin came to the rescue.


Derriere Duty: The Downside of Being Curvy

I am not Kim Kardashian. But I look like Kim Kardashian. There are a million songs about my body, but very few songs about me.

All illustrations by Kristen Rebelo

My Encounter with a 'Non-Racist' in Fear of a Black Neighborhood

Black—the whispered word in educated, politically correct, upper middle class society.


Ravish It: Quail Bell Magazine's Dreamy, Daring New Anthology

Quail Bell magazine just released "The Social Issue," 64 full-color pages of brilliance—and we got our hands on one of the first copies.