J.K. Rowling Defends Dumbledore, Gays, Humanity In General

We've long known that J.K.

Little known fact: gay divorce cake is extra delicious. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Think Tank Research Suggests Gay Couples Are Nearly Half As Likely To Divorce As Breeders

So, drop big bucks on your gay friends' wedding present!

"We believe," the gray area lie. Courtesy of, YouTube

"Ex-Gay" Support Group Mounts Billboard Of Lies Based On "Science"

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), is just trying to help the community you guys. Face-palm.

Awww Credit: Instagram

Show's Writer Demonstrates That Once You Go Orange Is The New Black, You Never Go . . . Straight? 

OITNB writer Lauren Morelli has started dating star Samira Wiley, and says the show helped her suss out her sexuality.


Quote of the Day: Biden Says "Inhumanity is Inhumanity is Inhumanity," Slams Homophobes

Fist pumps for our rad VP, Joe Biden, and his gay marriage-loving ways.


R. Kelly Speaks Out About Transgender Son

R. Kelly's 13-year-old kid has come out as a trans boy. How does dad feel . . . and how are other families handling similar situations?


Cheers to Love: Arkansas is the First Southern State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage!

It's no big surprise that Arkansas is leading the pack in LGBTQ rights among uber-conservative Southern states.