Quote of the Day: Biden Says "Inhumanity is Inhumanity is Inhumanity," Slams Homophobes

Lately, we've been on a crazy-awesome train of love and acceptance. States are overturning bans on gay marriage with audacious glee, and, well, it's glorious. Leading the pack today is our badass veep, Joe Biden. At a reception for LGBTQ activists (featuring visitors from Denmark, Sweden, Britain and Iceland), Biden put his foot down: Global action is needed to end the hate. 

Then, Biden dropped this gem:

I don't care what your culture is. Inhumanity is inhumanity is inhumanity. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice.

Homophobes, need some ice for that burn? 

This quote is awesome and powerful, but there's one small problem: The spin media will likely tear this apart and make Biden look like a nationalistic bully. "I don't care what your culture is" won't jive well across the globe. There will be some backlash.

On the bright side, Biden is known to be the coolest dude in the White House (Sorry Obama), and was the one who initially moved the needle on the administration's pro-gay marriage stance. Plus, as this is hardly the only time he's dealt with backlash for something he's said, he can handle this type of thing.

If anything, Biden may come back with more powerful statements. The goal here is truly to end LGBTQ discrimination, and it looks like we're (slowly) heading down the correct path. 

Go Joe! Now, enjoy this flashback fan video in appreciation. 

Image: Want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden. Courtesy of, Wikimedia Commons

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