A Fond Farewell To Joe Biden, America's Favorite Weird Uncle

The man who launched 1,000 memes will be leaving government after 43 years of service, first as a Senator from Delaware, then as Obama’s right hand man.

Restroom sign. Image: Pixabay.

The Real Solution To The Trans Bathroom Debate

[CN: transphobia] Having apparently solved all the actual problems in the world, a number of conservatives in state and local governments have turned their “small-government” focus onto the bathroom needs of trans and non-binary people.


Happy 90th Birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

The Obamas are meeting with the Queen Elizabeth II of England this week in honor of her 90th birthday. They gave her a custom photo album with pictures of the Queen with past Presidents and First Ladies.

Man tears #faketears

10 NRA-Approved Reasons For Crying

Now, it may seem like the NRA is comprised of emotionally stunted gun fetishists with a shriveled up copy of the second amendment where their hearts should be, but that’s simply not true. They totally cry about stuff! Not mass shootings of children, but other stuff. Just to be clear, here are 10 things worth crying #REALTEARS, according to the NRA.

Know your weapon.

How I Found My Middle Ground In The Gun Debate

My husband brought home his first gun while I was at work. When I came in he pointed to it proudly, while I stood firmly on the other side of the room, looking at the firearm like it was an unpredictable animal that could spring up to bite me at any moment.


House Republicans Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood — Again

In today's news, the sky is blue, Republican lawmakers are assholes, and the House just voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Again.


That Time Aretha Franklin Made Me Cry. Oh. And The President Of The Free World, Him Too

In today's People Who Make 73 Look Easy, Aretha Franklin.