Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Was A Father Figure—How Do I Reconcile This With His Rape Conviction?

No, Bill Cosby isn't my dad. But he was like one to me growing up.

WTF, TIME? W.T.F.? (Credit: ThinkStock)

TIME's Inclusion Of "Feminist" On Its Worst Words List Is Disgusting And Irresponsible

One of the most venerable magazines in this country is not just proposing we ban a word, but an ideal.


Why Everyone in America Should Watch Stephen Colbert's Genius Rebuttal to #CancelColbert

Last night, the comedian addressed his mindless attackers while proving why we need him, and brilliant satire, in our lives.


Science is Sweet: Physicists Break Out the Bubbly — the Big Bang is Real!

So what’s up with the Big Bang creation theory these days?

So glad you asked!