We tried a very new thing, a new recipe that I was aching to make but lacked the confidence to judge its greatness on my own. Image: Our Stable Table.

#RavsRecipes: Japanese Eggy-Rice Breakfast

Tamago kake gohan is made with hot sushi rice, an egg, soy sauce, and good dash of furikake (a traditional seaweed and sesame rice seasoning). It is comforting, filling, entirely satisfying, and stays with you for several hours. This is great fuel for a school day, a sick day, or a day spent hiking — or marathoning Project Runway.

Minimal effort with high reward. Image: Our Stable Table.

#RavsRecipes: Hoke Poke Bowl

I also kind of feel like whatever I do eventually put in my body needs to be quality and filling and full of nutritious goodness. This is hard on mornings when it literally feels like all I can do to make toast. Sometimes I look at it, contemplate it fresh out of the toaster and briefly wonder if I really need to spread the almond butter on it. Because effort.