Science is Sweet

A Vegetarian T-Rex Cousin Has Just Been Discovered

According to recently published findings in


Earth's Eerie Hum Is Finally Explained!

Did you know that our lovely little planet creates an eerie hum? Don't fret if you didn't: Our human ears can't detect it.


Is China To Blame For Snowpocalypse?

Many Americans are right now gazing into a dirty pile of snow that's wrecked havoc on their plants and lives.


Scientists May Have Found The Spot Where Neanderthals First Had Sex With Humans

To the delight of nerds and Clan of the Cave Bear fans everywhere, scienti

"Psst! You're going to die." Credit: Thinkstock

Infanticide: A-OK In Nature!

Apparently in the animal kingdom, killing tots can carry an evolutionary benefit.

Nooooo! (Credit: ThinkStock)

A Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare: Vegetables Know When They're Being Eaten!

According to actually legitimate research, you shouldn't eat that salad . . . murderer.

Almost ready! (Credit: ThinkStock)

Welcome To The Future: Lab Grows Human Penises

Yes, this is happening.


September Is Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Get Your Knowledge-Drop!

Because no one is out there making sexy bumper stickers to raise awareness for this deadly hereditary disease, we're here to try and shed some light.