Image: Instagram, voyagedyvinec

This Seafaring Chicken Is Our Favorite Unlikely Sailor

While the pirates of old were famous for having parrots on their shoulders, Instagram sensation Guirec Soudée, a 24-year-old French man, has spent two years sailing around the world with a bird of a different feather — his pet chicken Monique.


Science is Sweet: Ahoy! Scientists Say We Can Transform Seawater into Fuel

Navy researchers may have found a way to use the hydrogen and carbon dioxide within seawater for a new source of fuel. Who says alchemy is a thing of the past?


Chick Flick Screenwriters Take Note: Oldest Message in a Bottle Retrieved from Baltic Sea

The postcard inside a recently retrieved bottle is from 1913. Researchers pinpointed the author, and decryption of the note awaits.


Science is Sweet: Prehistoric Whale Discovered in Greenland

Here’s your science-y moment for the day: The earth was vastly different during this creature’s life, more than 300 million years before mammals popped up on the scene.