To me, the sign of a true friend is someone who can hit you with the harsh truths.

A Tale Of Two Single Friends And The Path That Robert Frost Warned Us About

If what you are doing isn’t working, you make changes … or you remain alone. Read...
Nathan Timmel of The Good Men Project    |   04.3.17   |   SHARE
To be self-aware is to understand that what you say and do affects people — and to have that fact matter to you.

Why Self Awareness Is The Most Attractive Quality 

Forget a hot bod! I just want someone who knows himself. Read...
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This idea that I need to be perfect all of the time, at everything I do, is something contained deep within my psyche.

Why I'm Done Pretending I Have It All Together

I’ve said I was “good,” “fine,” or “doing well” after crying for hours, lying in bed all day with no motivation, and even experiencing suicidal Read...
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Frown if you gotta.

Don't Pretend To Be OK When You're Not

Pretending you’re OK when you're not is lying — lying to yourself. And it will keep you not OK. Read...
Caroline Dooner    |   02.4.16   |   SHARE