Is my equipment defective? Or is it as simple as removing a mental block?

My Personal Struggle With Masturbation And Finding A Possible Solution

What if masturbation doesn’t work for you? What if you’ve tried fingers, vibrators, porn, fantasies, and even romancing yourself with glasses of wine, and you still can’t seem to get there?

Whew. Did someone turn the heat up?

How To Love A Sexual Partner With Body Image Issues

Kiss her slowly, touch her face, gently tug on her hair — before you even make your way down to her breasts. Many women with body image issues are most self-conscious about their stomach, so when you get to her waist, hold on to her tight and bring her closer to you.

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Reflections On The Post-Baby Body

Good god, where will I ever find someone who will love me in such a pitiful condition?