Senate health bill

Every story we tell is more evidence that access to healthcare for ordinary Americans is more valuable than any package of tax cuts for millionaires. (Image Credit: Flickr/LaDawna Howard)

Opposition To The Senate Health Bill Delays The Vote. Viva La Resistance!

Some of Republican senators' discomfort with voting for their health bill is due to groups of frantic activists who have been pummeling the Senate phone lines, showing up at Senate offices, and even staging a “People’s Filibuster” by rallying on the steps of the Capitol. All of them are begging their elected officials to represent the interests of the sick and the poor, not just the rich and powerful.

The Senate isn't interested in taking care of people, but teenagers are doing a darn good job taking care of themselves.

Teens Take Care Of Their Health Better Than Senate Republicans Take Care Of Anyone

Does the Senate health care bill suck? Yes. But because I hate to wallow in bad news, here’s something in the world of health and bodies that is a positive development: teens are more apt to use contraception now than in the past.