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Support Planned Parenthood: Buy A Vibrator (No, Really!)

Yes, you can support Planned Parenthood by buying a sex toy. Really.


Myisha Battle: Sex Coach & Proponent Of Masturbation As A Form Of Resistance

In addition to being a professional sex coach, Myisha is also the host of “Down For Whatever,” a podcast that explores any and every aspect of human sexuality.

'The Sqweel' promises to simulate oral sex. And you can charge it in your car. What does it all mean?

New Sex Toy 'The Sqweel:' Sounds Like A Tool For Crafters, But Is Probs A Whole Lot More 'Exciting'

There is now a sex toy called the Sqweel that looks like a cross between an Epilady and something you would find at a craft store, maybe in the rubber stamp section. It’s supposed to look like a wheel of tongues, but honestly? I think it could also be used to paint borders on decorative plates or something.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when this mess of a stock photo was taken.

Meet "Blewit": The Sex Toy Designed To Help You Masturbate "The Right Way"

And here I thought the best way to improve sexual performance was to be attentive to your partner and discuss what feels good and what feels even better. Silly sex-positive me.


This is Why You Should Recycle Your Sex Toys!

Norwegian fisherman finds a dildo inside his cod, the sex-positive, eco-conscious community collectively shakes its head.