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Fiction Friday: Loneliness Is Key

In the story I want to write, Rockland Manchester falls in love with the woman, but she gives him some bell hooks books to read.


Martin Maxwell’s Very Bad Day: Ravishly Original Fiction

He had taken so much Dayquil at work that day he was reminded of the first time he smoked pot in college.


The Offering: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

Truth was, the chili gave me indigestion, but I couldn’t hang around without buying anything.

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Ponirakou

Assemblage: Fiction from Luna Luna

She leans in over the pedestal sink, turns the cold water spigot off, and peers at the half of her face that remains. Her face has been torn in two.


A Deal With The Devil: Fiction from Luna Luna

The line that ended at her middle finger meant she was selfish in love. It meant she would never have real love. It meant love was broken.


Watch: Epic Rap Battle Between Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King

Bookworms will love this YouTube rap throwdown between a pair of literary masters.