Cee Martinez

Cee Martinez


Cee Martinex is a staff writer + social media assistant for @lunalunamag. She's also an artist, busker lover, and failed nanny. Her novel, Antipathia, is available here. Awards: Flashfiction "Little Wooden Hands" won first place (and a kindle fire) in the League of Extraordinary Authors flashfiction contest.Poem "Neuropathy" placed third, and was published in Straylight Literary Arts magazine's Spring 2012 issue.  (And won $25!) Nominated for 2012 Pushcart Prize "10" from her chapbook "Broken Butterflies"

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A Deal With The Devil: Fiction from Luna Luna

The line that ended at her middle finger meant she was selfish in love. It meant she would never have real love. It meant love was broken.