Our children are fine; it’s racism that needs to shift. Image: Getty.

Fear Of The Free Black Child: Alternatives To Fear-Based Parenting Amid Police Violence

No black man, woman, or gender non-conforming person is safe from the terrorism of police brutality and racist white people’s actions against us, let alone our most vulnerable citizens, our children.

I have no doubt it's uncomfortable for other people to witness racism, even when it's not directed at them. Image: Isabel Lo.

Witnessing Racism And Not Saying Something Makes You Complicit In It

Do you know what silence in response to blatant bigotry feels like? It feels really lonely. It feels like no one gives a shit.

Enjoy the silence... And sleeping on the couch.

My Husband Bought Noise-Canceling Headphones...And I Have Feelings About It

I always have a small piece of my brain on mom mode, no matter what else is happening. I have no problem with this, since that is how humanity has survived.


Obama Shuts Down Haters In SOTU Speech

As all of you patriots are obviously aware, last night was President Obama's sixth State of the Union address. Fantastic. Hurray.