Teen's Ridiculous Video Becomes Unlikely ISIS Sensation

You know those times when fact is stranger than fiction? Consider this one of those instances. 


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Because treating a woman "sociopolitically right" is totally sexy.


Ravishly Interviews Ed Holtom, Feminist Teen Turned Internet Sensation 

What happens when a 15-year-old boy writes an eloquent letter about feminism? The world goes crazy for him.


Watch: Aretha Franklin Nails Mashup Of "Rolling In The Deep" And "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Aretha recently took to David Letterman's stage and blew some minds out the back-door. Now that is a diva with a capital D.

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CeeLo Green: The Dangers Of Rape Justification

I see you writing nasty tweets, and, I'm like, fuck you. Ooh ooh ooh!


Kevin Spacey Proves he's Awesome . . . Again

It's no secret that Kevin Spacey is a talented actor, but—more importantly—can he sing with Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals?