If you refuse to accept “I can’t” and “It’s impossible” as answers when your children encounter problems, you’ll help them strengthen their critical thinking muscles.

Remove The Words 'Can't' And 'Impossible' From Your Parenting Vocabulary

Here's why eliminating those words will help them — and how to enforce more productive thinking habits.

Time for some zen, friends.

Feeling Stuck? 6 Ways To Fix That Crappy Feeling

We have all been there before. The stuck place. Your body feels heavy, your feet glued to the floor. Maybe you have a hard time getting out of bed. Maybe you feel sad about a relationship that is deteriorating or has completely dissolved. Maybe you just feel completely spent and worn out, and lack the energy to move at all. Or maybe you have this great big beautiful life you're afraid to step into and the fear has you paralyzed.


3 Innovative Solutions To The Global Hunger Epidemic

How do you address an epidemic that impacts 842 million people across the globe? Innovation.