When I read, I imagined the characters gathered together in that backyard.

A Magic All My Own

Don’t you all see how fun this is? I wanted to cry out. Instead, I whispered, “Yeah, b-b-books are weird,” and hid Junie B. Jones in my backpack. My classmates treated books the way I sometimes treated Girl Scout girls: with cold, eight-year-old contempt.

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The BET Awards: What Jesse Williams Wants You To Know

He opened his mouth and time stood still. My pulse quickened. My heart raced. My eyes filled with tears. And I. WAS. PROUD.

Was anyone really motivated by what Jeffery — the kid with the 4.4 GPA and the SAT score of 2390 — had to say? Image: Thinkstock.

A Graduation Speech For Real Life (P.S. YOU HAVE TO PAY TAXES)

Speaking of Obama, the election is coming up. If you plan on voting for Donald Trump, you’re a disgrace to your generation. Voting is, like, your “civic duty.” Also your “civic duty?” Not electing a nincompoop.


One Of The Many Things The Media Has Wrong About The Black Community

Absent in the media narrative is the existing community of adult black individuals currently engaged and interested in civil dialogue.

Mary Robinson, baddest bitch around (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Ireland's Mary Robinson Will Definitely Make You Feel Like A Slacker

Robinson's touted as one of her country's most influential women. Also this week: Hillary heads to Iowa, and we meet France's political star.


This Week in Hillary-World: The Great Shoe Debacle...And Other News of Actual Importance

Hillary made a key announcement and spoke women's issues this week. But who cares? Someone threw a shoe at her!