Photo of Amy and Spencer, courtesy of Amy Roost.

New Normal

Some mornings when I wake, it takes a few seconds before I remember what happened and how I arrived to the world I’m living in now. Once I do remember, I stare at the ceiling and reist getting out of bed. Read...

Veronica: Visual Merchandiser 

Spotted: Downtown San Jose


Even More New Diseases Linked To Cigarette Smoking

Did we catch you enjoying that seemingly intoxicating combination of nicotine and caffeine?


September Is Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Get Your Knowledge-Drop!

Because no one is out there making sexy bumper stickers to raise awareness for this deadly hereditary disease, we're here to try and shed some light.

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The Neck Rub That Could Give You a Stroke

According to the American Heart Association, cervical manipulation could increase the risk of stroke. Is it time to question going to a chiropractor?