Before you send “thoughts and prayers” to a friend or family member in pain, reflect on whether you could be doing more harm than good.

Enough With Thoughts And Prayers

When my boyfriend broke up with me my sophomore year of high school, I was inconsolable.

They are enough — even if they don't get the perfect attendance award, especially if they don't get the perfect attendance award.

The “Perfect Attendance” Award: Are We Promoting Suffer-Culture?

Suffering is America’s favorite thing to do. We starve ourselves to lose weight, and we’re a success story. We don’t sleep, and we’re just getting SO MUCH DONE. We do a thousand things a day and involve our kids in a thousand activities, because somehow, in some perverted way, that makes us successful.


Dear Bolivia: Child Labor Should Not be the Answer to Your Economic Woes

In Bolivia, children as young as 10 can now enter the workforce. How will the country's youth be affected by this decision?