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I Don't Give A Crap About My "Bikini Body"

I don’t remember being particularly confident about my body, I do remember thinking that I should look confident, even if I hated my thighs.

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5 Modest Bikinis That Won't Make You Look Like A Grandma

In these dog days of summer, it's hard to get by without a bikini. What do you do if you want to look hot, but keep covered? Here are 5 figure-flattering options.

Lisa Hanna, fully clothed and ready to govern (Credit: mfaft.gov.jm)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Jamaican Politician Wears Two-Piece Swimsuit, World Freaks Out

Also this week: Iraq gets a new women's affairs minister and Hillary's People cover is revealed as a flop.


Minnie Driver, Beyonce and the Bikini Body Bashing Brigade

Let the ruthless bikini insults begin! (God, it's hard to be a woman.)