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Stop Complimenting Me For Supporting My Trans Child

I know people have the best intentions, but the reality is, I’m not a superhero, and I’m not the “best mom in the world" for parenting my trans child. Read...
Nicole Pecoraro    |   05.7.19   |   SHARE
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Our Child Is Transgender 

Our child is transgender... I don’t feel like I’ve lost a daughter — he’s never really been anyone but himself. Read...
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They were strong in the face of discrimination and because of that, positive change happened. Because of Joe and Kristie, the Boy Scouts of America stepped up and realized it’s 2017.

Lovers & Fighters In America: Honoring America's First Transgender Boy Scout

‘The Lovers & Fighters of America’ is a monthly column here at Ravishly featuring behind-the-scenes stories of inspirational people taking a Read...
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Themes of positivity and self-worth will always be welcome under my roof.

She Is "Jazz" And My Daughter Thinks That's OK

This article first appeared on The Good Men Project Read...
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I learned a lot from that man. Image: Thinkstock.

What My Single Dad Taught Me About Gender

People sometimes blame my dad for me being transgender. In their view, I guess, my father being a good dad is the reason I don't feel comfortable in Read...
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“It feels uncomfortable writing about my child’s genitals. But I’m not sure how else to protect her.” Image: Pixabay.

Please Don’t Force My Transgender Daughter To Use The Men’s Bathroom

“My daughter is in kindergarten in the United States. She’s 6. She loves unicorns and mermaids and soccer. And I’m concerned about my community Read...
Alexis Carey of The Motherish    |   03.8.16   |   SHARE