6 Easy Ways To Take All The Fun Out Of Fashion

While flipping through a fashion magazine the other day, I was shocked at the revelation that “beachy hair at the beach” is now considered “ Read...
Winona Dimeo-Ediger    |   05.26.15   |   SHARE
long hair rule

Bye-Bye To The Stupid Long Hair Rule 

Listen to your mother. I did. Briefly. She was adamant that it was wrong for a woman over 40 to wear a long hairstyle. I believed her. Then...not Read...
Kelli H. Clevenger    |   05.26.15   |   SHARE

Watch: Faux Historians Mock Ridiculous Thigh Gap Fad

In the future, what will people make of the insane thigh gap trend? A ground of comedians have tried to answer that very question. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   05.27.14   |   SHARE

Youth Doesn't Always Win: Jessica Lange is the Face of Marc Jacob's New Campaign

Confession: the thought of aging petrifies me. I’ve been rocking anti-aging face lotion daily since I was 17. With designers Read...
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