Watch: Faux Historians Mock Ridiculous Thigh Gap Fad

Do you ever wonder what those in the future will think of us? I mean, our SnapChat obsession will certainly cause a few laughs in floating history classrooms (yes, schools will float in the future), but it's our take on beauty that will really raise eyebrows.

I mean, thigh gap . . . really? This troubling trend that encourages women to lose so much weight, their thighs no longer touch, is deeply disturbing in so many ways. Though it's not fair to blame the fad for cases of anorexia, it has certainly encouraged those prone to the deadly mental illness (yes, there is in fact an anorexic gene) to starve themselves. And even if it doesn't promote outright anorexia, it's pretty much designed to devastate fragile self-esteem.

That's why we're celebrating the team of "historians" (aka comedians from College Humor) who have teamed up to mock this ridiculous trend. For the love of beautiful bodies of various shapes and sizes everywhere, can we take a moment to appreciate how odd the notion of a "thigh gap" is? Legs are for walking, swimming, dancing, shaving and tattoo canvassing—not for resenting.

Now, let's shake our fists at the madness of this ridiculous, tragic fad . . . shall we?

Image: ThinkStock

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