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I wasn’t just wearing a swimsuit; I was moving in one. Image: Thinkstock.

How I Overcame My Swimsuit Phobia And Learned To Appreciate My Body

My swimsuit phobia started in middle school — that breeding ground of body shame and fear. One minute I’m a kid excitedly putting on my pink two- Read...
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Who's ready for an animal balloon party? Courtesy of Thinkstock

Should Condoms Be Handed Out In Prison?

Because sex behind bars happens, you guys. Read...
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Clearly, this woman lives in Boise, Idaho (Credit: Thinkstock)

The Best And Worst Places To Be Single (Sorry Yonkers)

The best place to be single and ready to mingle in the new year? Boise, Idaho. No, seriously. Read...
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Unforgiving Light: Flash Fiction

Alison learned from her grandmother how a plastic smile could take you places—especially in a place like Hollywood. Read...
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Banned Bravo Subway Ad Reveals Sexist Double Standard 

A TV ad featuring a woman post-divorce was deemed too offensive for the subway. But blatantly sexist and racist ads? A-OK. Read...
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Tina Fey is Absolutely Killing It On The Red Carpet

In promoting her new film This is Where I Leave You, Fey has been on her style A game. Read...
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I’m a Writer And I Walk Dogs: The Archetypal Struggle Of The Day Job

Writing simply does for me what long walks do for small dogs; it makes me tired and happy. Read...
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Hear This: Demi Lovato Banishes LGBTQ Haters

In her new music video, Demi Lovato is all about LGBTQ love. And it's glorious. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   07.3.14   |   SHARE
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