What The Bu actually appears to support and donate to are organizations that engage in size-based oppression to the detriment of fat people.

Kombucha With A Side Of Fat Shaming 

Bu Kombucha's message on their bottle, “Health is our priority. The Bu supports and donates to organizations that fight obesity.” Read...
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You’re a body of magic. (Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash)

Gratitude Magic

Remember that your body is you, it is not separate. Treat it, yourself, with love. You’re a body of magic. Read...
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You deserve linen sheets.

You Deserve Nice Things

As women we aren't meant to have needs as much as we are meant to fulfill needs. We fundamentally do not believe we deserve nice things. Let's change Read...
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image credit: Virgie Tovar via Instagram

Take The Cake: 3 New Rules For Re-defining Success Without Weight-Loss

I was taught that weight loss was self-care, but then I did a bunch of research and realized dieting is actually the patriarchal destruction of my Read...
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What might one do instead of reading the news?

I'll Try Anything For A Week: What Happened When I Stopped Reading The News?

You really can’t know how things in your life are impacting you until you do without them. This is what happened when I stopped reading the news. Read...
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(illustrated by Sanna Thijs @fulloffreckles)

How To Chill Your Adrenals Out

Chronic stress secretes a hormonal cocktail that wreaks havoc on that amazing body you have. Here's how you can chill your adrenals and reduce stress. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Choosing the way I wanted to feel in my life felt so much more intuitive than trying to eek out intellectual goals.

3 Resolutions That Have Zero To Do With Your Body

You are more than a body; you are more than your achievements and goals. Here are three resolutions that have nothing to do with your body. Read...
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“What?! You’re way too young to have shingles!”

Shingles Taught Me A New Level Of Self-Care 

So I tell my boss that I probably have shingles and she’s like, “What?! You’re way too young to have shingles!” and I say, “Thank you!" Read...
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