I’m not free of symptoms and I probably never will be. But the Low FODMAP diet helped me in more ways than decreasing my pain.

FODMAPs: Healthy Foods Were Killing My Digestive System

I tried everything to make my symptoms go away. Eventually, after nearly ten years, I started finding articles about the low FODMAPs diet. Read...
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I’m one of those bigger girls that confuses the medical community by being entirely healthy. It's no surprise that my doctor body shamed me.

My Doctor Body Shamed Me And Lied To Me About The Tests She Ran

I’m one of those bigger girls that confuses the medical community by being entirely healthy. My doctor body shamed me and lied to me about tests she Read...
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My pain is vaild.

My Pain Didn't Matter — Because I'm A Woman

There were pills for the pain, but there was nothing that could help me forget that my boyfriend didn’t truly care about me. I couldn’t swallow a Read...
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10 Alternatives Uses For Alternative Medicine

I couldn’t listen to another puerile sales pitch in someone’s living room, promising the moon and then selling you something that “tastes just like Read...
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No One Needs Acid For Their Double Chin—Tell That To The FDA

The FDA has approved a new drug for banishing double chins . . . it's ACID. Read...
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On Being "Crazy": A Day In My Life With Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric illness is still stigmatized. And that’s hard when you have a psychiatric illness. Read...
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The Good And Bad Of My Bipolar II Diagnosis And Demeanor

I’m lucky to be smart, to have an astonishingly good memory. Or maybe I’m lucky to be bipolar. Read...
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Oh Shit! How Frozen Poop Pills Could Save Your Life

Sure, poop capsules sound gross—but they could represent a significant medical industry breakthrough. Read...
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