Elizabeth Gilbert Says Goodbye To Her Wife, And I Remember My Own Eat, Pray, Love Moment

The kind of love that Elizabeth had for Rayya, the kind I have for my husband — it isn’t something you can seek and find. This kind of love finds you Read...
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Ask Erin: I'm In Love With My Best Friend, But He Has A Girlfriend; What Do I Do?  

He is the first person I want to tell things to when something happens, and the person I want to hang out with the most. I'm in love with my best Read...
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When I think about why none of my relationships ever seem to work out, the elephant in the room is my mental illness.

Mental Illness Doesn’t Mean You’re Too ‘Broken’ To Be In A Relationship

The elephant in the room is my mental illness. Do my anxiety and depression make me unworthy of love? Read...
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There Is No Right Way To Ask Someone To Lose Weight For You

People’s health and looks change over time — if you only want to be in a relationship with someone “healthy” you should probably just stay single. Read...
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"You should go to Target alone." BYE.

11 Of The Best Things My Husband Has Ever Said To Me

The best things my husband has ever said to me are the things I don’t expect at all. I love you is good, but “go to Target alone”? That’s true love! Read...
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I'm Not Doing Emotional Labor For Past Lovers Anymore

The amount of emotional labor I had put into these pseudo-friendships was immediately swept away with one single mention of my own personal discomfort Read...
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I love her body because it’s hers.

Navigating Body Size Diversity In A Lesbian Relationship

Experience body size diversity in a lesbian relationship is our journey. Our bodies connect us, remind us of our humanness, and for this, I am Read...
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These 3 Factors Will Determine Who You Marry

Love is in our reach, but still always somewhat out of our hands. Here are three factors that will determine who you marry. Read...
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