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The Best Apps To Turn To When You're Having A Panic Attack

“Apps for anxiety,” I whispered in the middle of a panic attack, holding down the round circle button on the front of my iPhone connecting to Siri. Read...
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Asking for help is the hardest part.

What Happens When We Ask Each Other For Help

Asking for help is the hardest part. The truth is that asking for help is uncomfortable, even when we’ve been repeatedly reassured that it’s welcome. Read...
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How Do You Ever Heal When Life Keeps Punching You In The Face?

Healing is hard work. It will be hard today, tomorrow, next week, next month, 3 years from now. Read...
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Here's how you can support your metnally ill partner.

8 Ways To Support Your Mentally Ill Partner

Mentally ill folks are not all the same so this is by no means an exhaustive list. But it’s a start when it comes to supporting your mentally ill Read...
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Sometimes faking it can feel like yet another shame-based attempt to conceal my mental illness.

Should You Really Fake It Till You Make It?

More than any other unsolicited mental health advice I’ve received over the course of my life is the admonishment to “fake it till you make it.” Read...
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Here's an activist’s survival guide!

The Anxious Activist’s Survival Guide

For many people, activism induces as much anxiety as the disastrous news stories that compel us to keep doing it. So here's an activist’s survival Read...

To All The Women Suffering Through Anxiety: I Know You

We anxiety sufferers are good at covering up how we’re really feeling. You are not alone. Read...
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The world is inherently full of risk, and to be honest, travelling doesn’t elevate that risk much.

Why I Sent My 6-Year-Old To London Alone After The Terrorist Attacks

My mother called me the morning after the terrorist Read...
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