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“My Daughter Is Too Fat!”: The Dangers Of Unrealistic Childhood Body Image

Parents often confuse healthy eating in children with that of adults. They shouldn't. Read...
Tamar Saperstein    |   04.21.15   |   SHARE
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Confession: I'm An "Almost Alcoholic"

While I preferred to think of myself as the proverbially fun/quirky party girl, I came to realize my drinking had finally gone too far. Read...
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Rosetta Spacecraft Piggy-Backs on Comet to Solve Ancient Mysteries

Considering this mission's dangers, cortisol levels for European scientists are probably sky high. Luckily, the payoff looks promising. Read...
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True Story: I Fell in Love With a Felon

I understand the tendency to fetishize a “dangerous” person. After all, I once fell in love with a convicted felon. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   07.8.14   |   SHARE
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Life Aboard a Nuclear Submarine: Ke$ha, Hashtags and Other Hijinks

Sub life is all about rules. Luckily, those rules can be hilarious. Read...
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Keep that Smartphone Away from Your Brain (and Other Useful Body Parts)

If there’s even a chance that smartphones are connected to cancer why the fuck do we keep using them? Read...
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Cloak: Clever Anti-Social App or Evil Stalker’s Wet Dream?

“Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession,” sang the Nicki Minaj of 2006, Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   03.18.14   |   SHARE
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