I’m not free of symptoms and I probably never will be. But the Low FODMAP diet helped me in more ways than decreasing my pain.

FODMAPs: Healthy Foods Were Killing My Digestive System

I tried everything to make my symptoms go away. Eventually, after nearly ten years, I started finding articles about the low FODMAPs diet. Read...
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Fighting for fat rights isn’t just about fighting for access to clothing or the demand to be seen as beautiful. Image: Virgie Tovar.

Take The Cake: Medical Fatphobia Almost Killed My Friend

We forego doctor visits because we know with near-total certitude that we are going to be told to lose weight. That we don’t need care — we just need Read...
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I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Exercise And I'm Okay With It

Tonight, I went to a class called Yoga with Anti-Gravity Wings. Tomorrow, I’m taking Read...
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10 Ways To Cope With A Difficult Diagnosis

8. Educate, don’t fixate. Read...
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Credit: ThinkStock
Credit: ThinkStock

The Painful Condition Of Vulvodynia: Are You At Risk?

When your vajayjay hurts, you know it's going to be a bad day. . . Read...
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The Ebola Outbreak: Coming to a Town Near You

The virus creates new horrors by the day in Africa. The wily nature of the disease, together with various social barriers creates the perfect storm. Read...
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Live and Let Die: Should Doctors Ditch Unvaccinated Kids?

What do evangelical conservatives, hippy attachment parenting lefties, Katie Couric, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Jenny McCarthy have in common? Read...
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