Even if moving to business models that include clothes for people of all sizes might take a while, the issues with models could be solved immediately. (Image Credit: Instagram/forever21)

Forever 21 & The 'All Shapes And Sizes' Lie

So this new line by Forever 21 goes up to “3X” which they’ve defined as a size 18. Forever 21 may be better than some in terms of carrying larger Read...
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image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

I'm Not Pregnant, But I Look Like I Am 

I look pregnant. This body has made six humans. This belly has been inflated and collapsed and inflated and collapsed, and so on. What should it Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Image: Instagram/ laureldickmanwrites

These Babes Slay At The 2nd Annual Torrid Pool Party

Flocks of beautiful plus and curve influencers from all walks of life and all over the country descended upon the gorgeous abode for swimming, Read...
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Credit: Drunk J.Crew

Drunk J.Crew Tumblr Is Nailing It

Turns out, dead-serious photos plus inebriated lines make for a good time—and an incisive point about fashion industry standards. Read...
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Credit: Vogue

Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky Heat Up Vogue’s September Issue

In addition to turning us on, the magazine’s September issue is more importantly the first to feature a cover model of color in 25 years. Read...
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Instragram: The New Fashion Casting Couch

But not like the Terry Richardson kind of casting couch. Read...
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Shocker: Edgy New Modeling Agency Isn't Edgy At All

A new modeling agency claims to present a new kind of beauty. But is it really that different from what we've seen before? Read...
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Youth Doesn't Always Win: Jessica Lange is the Face of Marc Jacob's New Campaign

Confession: the thought of aging petrifies me. I’ve been rocking anti-aging face lotion daily since I was 17. With designers Read...
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