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Take the Cake: How To Kill The Dream Of Being Thin

It took me a long time to bury the dream of being thin. For some people it doesn’t take much to let go, and for others it’s a slow series of Read...
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No one asked me to do this. I am ok being the bridge between my two worlds; it’s a badge I wear with pride.

Introducing My White Family To My Black Culture

I’m a mixed-race, black and white Californian, and this was my first time in the South. Read...
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Rachel is wearing a gorgeous metallic gold ballroom gown with a slit down the thigh, but she’s questioning Bryan’s proposal. (Image Credit: Instagram/bach21squad)

The Bachelorette Finale: Rachel Was The Bachelorette We Didn't Deserve, And She Deserved So Much Better

Rachel admits that she cried her lashes off for Peter, yet less than 24 hours later, she is getting engaged to Bryan. Read...
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On Peter’s date, it looks like he’s low-key leading her on. He’s not all in, and seems super fake. Peter’s body language looks closed-off to me. He just doesn't know if Rachel’s the one. (Image Credit: Instagram/thebacheloretteabc)

Fake Cheeks & Fake Love: Bachelorette Review

This week, we visit Rachel’s hometown of Dallas, TX, with the three men left - Peter, Eric, and Bryan. All but Bryan win family approval before the Read...
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What Do Mothers Around The Globe Know About Breastfeeding, That American Moms Don’t?   

Science, as it turns out, is not the answer to everything — certainly not breastfeeding. Read...
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There's so much more power in laughter than we realize.

I Have One Thing In Common With Donald Trump (And It Is NOT Funny!)

Critique devastates me. I never want to do anything wrong. When I believe I have done something wrong, I tend to avoid the situation or people Read...
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Pinup Girl Boycott: Another Case Of Cultural Appropriation

Have we all been problematic in the past? Oh hell yes. I know I have. Being a marginalized woman doesn't absolve you of the guilt of marginalizing Read...
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ABBA Is Reuniting For A High-Tech Tour In 2018!

The magical ‘70s Swedish pop band just announced plans for a “Virtual and Live Experience,” which is possibly the most ABBA thing I have ever heard Read...
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