Startup in Crisis? Get Couples Counseling!

Trend alert: Couples counseling . . . for startup business partners. Do it. It's all the rage in Tech Mecca. 

Really though. According to KQED, it can be instrumental in preserving the company. They noted that many startups are cooked up by close friends, who must then learn to work together. Friends? Easy—pizza and beer won't consume itself. Work? Bit trickier. Partners must navigate the roads of business communication, profits, investor issues, power roles, and so on. In order for a startup to be successful (bearing in mind the nerve-racking 90% fail rate), the heads of the team must work well together.

Enter couples counseling—or, "partnership coaching" as it's also called. It's a great idea, even if it does conjure up some silly images. Is there crying? Hurled accusations? Does one business partner bring up an irrelevant fight from college? Is it just a sea of Apple products being thrown against walls? We may never know—but obviously support whatever works!

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