Less Thinking, More Doing in the Sack

How easy is it for you to get distracted during sex? Well woman, science says it’s time to stop! According to recent research conducted by the Kinsey Institute, women who practice “mindfulness” are more likely to be more satisfied in their sex lives.

Practicing mindfulness, for you non-Buddhists, simply means being attentive and intentional. Let’s say you’re receiving oral sex. Practicing mindfulness in this situation would entail watching your partner pleasure you while focusing on how uhhhh-mazing it feels. Or – if it’s less “uhhh-mazing” and more “uh” – focus on what your tongue-tied toots could do to improve. Pretty simple, right?

You’d think so, but good luck silencing your thoughts – especially these:

1. Wow, $78 spent at Victoria’s Secret and it’s in a pile on the floor in less than 60 seconds.

2. Was I wearing lipstick? Is there red lipstick all over everything? F**k, there’s probably red lipstick all over everything.

3. Do I look cute from this position?

4. You have a completely ridiculous O-face.

5. Crap, I have to wash some laundry.

6. I can’t do this with my dog watching.

7. It’s cold in here

8. Roommate probably heard that

9. What am I going to wear tomorrow?

10. Roomate definitely heard THAT


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