Art of the Dick Pic: New Blog Showcases Schlongs

Usually, on the occasion that one gets sent a dick pic, whether it’s through text or the notorious Snapchat, it’s rarely a pleasant experience and almost never awe-inspiring or life-changing. But on the morning that Madeleine Holden woke up to an exceptionally photogenic dick pic, she was so impressed, not so much by the size or girth, but by the artful quality of the photo, that she decided to start Critique My Dick Pic, a blog in which people with penises send self-portraits of said penises. Madeleine then goes on to critique not the penises but the pictures. She uses a criteria, not set on some arbitrary idea of the “perfect penis” but on the quality of the background (exclude that pile of dirty laundry lumped in the corner of the bathroom), composition and lighting, the well-placed usage of hands, etc. The idea isn’t to body shame but to encourage and celebrate. But think of it as a joint PSA effort to improve upon the current, unimaginative state of the dick pic medium. [image: Facebook]

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