The Personality Issue: Why You May be Overeating

Do you often find yourself binging, overeating, or justifying having just one more cookie? Well turns out you may need to look to your personality type to find the root of this issue.  New research suggests there is a direct link between having a compulsive personality and consistent binge eating. The correlation was so apparent that many compulsive types were also labeled “food addicts.”  The good news is that the researchers did not find a correlation between food addiction and an obesity level-BMI.  So don’t worry, if this sounds like it could be you, you’re not destined to be a food junkie.  You just need to plan.  Compulsive-type personalities often don’t plan ahead and make quick, decisions that provide instant gratification.  The solution?  Plan.  Make rules for yourself.  Decide that maybe you will only eat out on weekends (since restaurants are basically traps for over-eating anyway).  Add structure to your eating by planning meals, and trying to eat with friends who you know also eat healthily.    


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