New Godzilla Movie Promises Walter White, Awkward Tears and SO. MUCH. STRESS.

We aren't going to lie — sci-fi action/horror/thriller/all around epic battle movies are a bit of a guilty pleasure around here. Jurassic Park is obviously the standard against which all others are measured, but it's been a good while since we've seen any films that have satiated our monster flick cravings. 

So, when we first heard there would be a new Godzilla movie in theatres this summer, our hopes were high. After all, if Matthew Broderick didn't f*ck it up the first time, it can't be all that difficult to deliver the creepy monster goods the second time around. 

Check out the clip and decide for yourself if this hopeful blockbuster will knock us out of the park. All we'll say is, this trailer features a superb progression of cracks in Walter White's (um, Bryan Cranston's) voice as he explains to us JUST. HOW. STRESSED. HE. IS.

Oh... and we're totally going to see it, by the way.



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